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Sea Salts

What is Epsom Salt & Dead Sea Salt ?

Sea Salts Are Good For You!

What do you get when you evaporate sea water? Sea salt is the obvious answer. When the water completely evaporates, you will be left with the salt along with its minerals. Sea salt may contain many of the crucial minerals which your body would require for optimal health and fitness. The more minerals the salt contains, the more colors it may have. The colors may range from sandy, gray and pink, dependent upon where the salt came from. The salt is not going to increase your blood pressure level, but it may help stabilize it. Below are a few popular sea salt examples.

Epsom-Salt* Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is regarded as the popular bath salt. There is definitely a lot of positive aspects in salt for the bather. It changes the water osmotic balance so your pores and skin will take in a lesser amount of water by way of osmosis. This may reduce or avoid the prune look which you could get when in contact with water for an extended time.
The mineral magnesium sulfate, an element of bath salts, possesses an anti-inflammatory impact. A few of the bath salts, like phosphates, possess a detergent action that would soften your calluses and help in exfoliation.

* Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is gathered within the Himalayan mountain ranges. Himalayan salt is really a top quality salt which provides 84 minerals, this is himalayan-saltregarded as the standard with regards to essential trace minerals and elements. This reveals not merely how pure the Himalayan Salt is, but also the health benefits related to it. This salt truly comes right out the Earth and is unrefined and unprocessed.

Pink Himalayan salt has lots of uses other than cooking. It’s utilized traditionally in lots of natural treatments, also in health spas throughout the world. Himalayan salt can also be applied to masks, scrubs and lots of other health spa remedies. When utilized in a bath, it pulls out toxic compounds and may help overcome an exhaustion or illness, by supplying all the necessary nutrients, it may help balance the electrolytes and enhance blood circulation.

dead-sea-salt* Mediterranean Sea Salt

Mediterranean sea salt, more popularly known as Dead Sea salt, is 100% natural. The salt content of Dead Sea is 29%, whereas the other sea water is 4%. Containing minerals that are fantastic for the skin, Dead Sea salt products and solutions would definitely be the most effective to keep your skin clear and young. Our recovery products include both Dead Sea Salt, and various salts from the Mediterranean Sea.

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