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Float Tank Epsom Salt for Sale

Float Tank Epsom Salt for Sale
No Responses March 15, 2016

When you get tired of your busy life you look for way out so that you can recharge yourself and again join the rat race of life. For rejuvenating yourself and your soul there are different methods that can be applied. Some do yoga sessions that help them feel great while others go for massage therapy. Another common way that can be used for making you feel free and full of energy is using Float tanks.

New to the concept? Read on to know more about it.

floatingWhat are float tanks?

The concept of Float tanks or isolation tanks dates back to 1954 when John C. Lily first introduced these tanks. They are sound proof, light less tanks where you can float in the salt water at the skin temperature. A super saturated mixture of Epsom salt and water is created that gives the buoyancy of the float tank. They are also known as floatation tanks, Rest tank and isolation tanks. Used for relaxation, meditation and alternative medicine, these tanks are increasing in popularity for the comfort they provide.

What are the benefits of ‘floating’?

You must be thinking that how is ‘floating’ in water helpful? Will it really relax the body or it is just a gimmick like many other things?

Firstly, it’s not gimmick. While you get yourself soaked in this salt water and soak till your ear, you can feel the change. Your skin is energized by this floating and you can sleep better and feel more energetic. Each session generally lasts for about an hour or an hour and a half. After you complete each session the toxins from your body is released and cardiovascular activity increases, thus increasing the overall wellness of your body.

In the floating tank, billions micro bubbles of oxygen relaxes your skin, rejuvenate your body and make you feel refreshed.

Epsom salt and its use in float tanks

As already mentioned, in float tanks you float your body in supersaturated solution of Epsom salt and water. Now, the question is what is Epsom salt?

The chemical name of Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate which is being used since ages for various healing purposes. It contains magnesium, sulfur and oxygen that when dissolve with water, makes it super saturate.

Magnesium which is major component of Epsom salt helps in regulating more than 325 enzymes in your body. When you soak yourself in this solution your body absorbs magnesium and sulfates. All this regulates the functioning of different bodily functions and you feel refreshed. Sulfates are difficult to introduce into your body by eating food, but they get absorbed through skin quickly.

Thus, by soaking yourself in Float tanks, you can center your mind, reduce sensory stimulation and feel rejuvenated.

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